About us

zestaw Ingenii

Ingenii cosmetics – innovative face skin care products, created thanks to the combination of experience and scientific knowledge. There was also a need for a spark – an idea.

The product quality assumptions were based on the knowledge of the cosmetic services market, scientific knowledge and chemical practice.

Based on the results of laboratory tests, we selected active ingredients of excellent quality, confirmed origin and safe use. Thanks to careful selection, the active ingredients used in Ingenii products allow you to achieve visible results in a short time.

Ingenii – the secret of the name of the products derives from terms that combine an idea and science, it is based on talent and knowledge (ingenium (latin) talent, ingenious (english) inventive, brilliant) because this is what the products of this line are like – brilliant and with an idea.


Just like us – trust in the wisdom
of nature and science

BJB Cosmetics Team.